Why is Media Planning important in Marketing Communications?

Why is Media Planning important in Marketing Communications?

The two basic tasks of marketing communications are message creation and message delivery.  In other words, Media Planning is a message delivery. Let’s explore it today, shall we?
Last year I attended an event organized by a local leading newspaper company. I had a great time talking to all of my representatives that I have developed a great relationship with over the years. However, there was one conversation with a management lead professional that really made me think about the gap in knowing what is Media Planning and how important it is in the process of marketing proposals and executions.

Why do you need a Media Planner to help with your marketing plan and execution?

Here is a list of reasons you should hire a media planner for your next media plan:

  • You need them for the media research they will provide you with;
  • Strong Media Planners are confident negotiators with the ability to recognize opportunities and take advantage of them;
  • A good, experienced Media Planner knows what is the price he/she is willing to pay for media;
  • You need a professional who can determine media channel selection, partner selections and give you rationales;
  • Media planners monitor historical rate structures and current/future market conditions to ensure rate integrity is maintained;
  • You need Media Planner who will investigate all available media, special opportunities, and positions, who will be meeting with media representatives, reviewing media kits to tell you what is currently the best on the market;
  • You need somebody who will create and maintain media plan flowcharts based on client’s and campaign objectives and keep you organized within your budget.

Trust me, I could go on and on why an experienced Media Planner is worth their weight in gold and why you should invest into media planning professional. The reasons listed above are just a sample of what you should receive from an experienced one.

Why is Media Planning not done by Media Planners here in the prairies?

Since moving to Winnipeg from Prague 15 years ago, I have often found situations where Media Planning is being done by account managers or marketing directors. In my view, it is impossible for these professionals to cover all of the aspects of marketing strategies by themselves and do it well! This is as true in the advertising industry as it is in the restaurant business. The truth is, you do not go to a Chinese Restaurant to order a pizza, right? Simply put, there are too many tasks to do all of them well.
Your clients deserve to have you put your best foot forward and deliver on your own core competencies. Accordingly, Media Planning in Winnipeg is often forgotten. Maybe it’s  because the marketing dollars are stretched and expectations are higher than what the client is willing to spend?

Things are shifting to digital

Recently,  our experience over the past few years has shown that the marketing dollars are moving away from traditional media. Budgets that were allocated for print, television and outdoor are now being allocated to digital. As a result, with these cuts being made it becomes difficult to support media departments. This is true, especially in small markets.
For example, in Winnipeg, there are many advertising agencies who do not have a media department. Furthermore, many do not even have a media partner to work with on a contract basis. We have marketing strategists, designers, copywriters but no Media Planners or buyers. Essentially, a Media Planner executes a plan to ensure that your ad is delivered to your target audience as expected.Let’s make it better!

Clients deserve for us to put our best foot forward

Lastly, as marketing professionals, we owe it to our clients to deliver the best results possible. We need to change our thinking and get back to basics. It is time to start educating our clients again about the value of a well-rounded marketing plan. This means that we need balanced media distribution in a marketing plan that considers all channels.
Therefore,  If you are an ad agency a Media Planner is a must to have if you want to do it right. Let’s talk to our CEOs and VPs of Marketing, let them know how important it is to use the knowledge and experience a Media Planner can bring. After all what good is the right message, if the wrong people or not enough people are seeing it.