Have you been recently talking to your digital media specialist or a programmatic media buyer and got lost in terms that they have been using?

Our company has partnered with Centro a leading company among the programmatic advertising technology providers. We use their DSP (demand side platform) to run all of our client’s campaigns.  For this post, we are putting together a list of 8 targeting tactics you should be using for your next programmatically run advertising campaign:

#1 Audience Campaign

A very specific targeted campaign that focuses on finding the right set of eyeballs and not necessarily the right website. It focuses on branding and awareness.  The more specific the audience, the higher the cost. In our case, we use Centro DSP (demand side platform) to deliver the tactics for all of our clients. We have access to audience data from ComScore, DoubleVerify, Peer39 or GrapeShot. This data is allowing us to routinely target the right audience.

Remember, data cost is always additional to the campaign. So be sure to look at how and when you are applying it.  Also, you should definitely avoid this type of tactic when you are focusing on Key performance indicators like eCPC and eCPA.

However, audience targeting is not the only way how to reach your target market. Let’s explore the remaining 7 tactics highlighted in this post.

#2 Contextual Campaign

This is an efficiency driven campaign, KPIs. eCPC, eCPM, conversion tracking, CTR  are your primary areas of focus. The best practice is to execute it using small goals and other niche targeting tactics. An example would be to use a list of keywords and apply it to each ad group so that the ad appears on subject relevant pages.

#3 Website Campaign

Using a whitelist of specific websites that has performed well in the past to reach a  particular audience or demo. If you have a data that shows certain websites work for your brand, don’t reinvent the wheel, get out your hard hat and lunch pail and  USE IT! Run a website campaign.

#4 Desktop Video Campaign

When a TV campaign is part of the marketing plan use desktop video campaign as a supporting tactic. It is used for the purposes of branding and awareness.

#5 Mobile Video Campaign

Targeting apps and sites with video assets can be done via DSP (demand side platform). This tactic is also used for brand awareness. Keep in mind that short videos perform better than long.

#6 Hyper Local Mobile Campaign

Using GPS location data, you can target inventory being served to smartphones and tablets within a radius you choose. Small business owners often use this tactic to help boost their walk in traffic.  For example, imagine you own a restaurant owner in Winnipeg’s booming Corydon Village and want to let people know about your specials this week. With a hyper-local campaign, you can run an ad that is targeted at people living within half a mile radius. Or imagine you run a newly renovated hotel and want to let your neighbours know how well renovations turned out. Again, use a hyper-local mobile campaign to deliver your message.

#7 Mobile Third Party Audience Campaign

The goal of this campaign would be to drive awareness. It is a great tactic to compliment audience targeting and desktop campaigns. Third party data is always an additional expense on your CPM, so be sure to reflect it in your costing, but it is definitely a great way to ensure your campaign is targeting the right people.

 #8 Retargeting Campaign

This is the lower part of the campaign funnel. Use this tactic when you need to re-engage your users. In order to execute a retargeting campaign, you must first place a pixel on to the client’s website. This tactic is highly recommended for campaigns focusing on KPIs, CPCs, CTR and converting people. Most of your campaigns should have a retargeting tactic included, even if it is after the main campaign is finished. Be sure to keep in mind that two weeks of retargeting is always worthwhile. Remember, when you run retargeting campaign it always starts as a small group of people, therefore, it can also be inexpensive. Trust me retargeting brings great conversions!

Did we mention that when you run a campaign it does not have to be just one tactic? You can three to four tactics together. Optimize them, learn from the data and see what delivers the most results and stick with it.

As mentioned earlier, our company has recently partnered with Centro. This means we have access to  ComScore, DoubleVerify, GrapeShot or Peer39 data and to a whole lot of inventory. We look forward to working on your campaign one day.

And if we don’t work with you in the future, hopefully, you will find all of this helpful so the next time you talk about digital campaign tactics with your media planner or buyer you will know what to ask!