Digital Media

Digital Media Marketing

Digital media marketing promotes products and services using digital distribution and social media channels to reach consumers in a timely, relevant, personal, and cost effective way.

Google Adwords PPC Text Ads

Google Adwords / Text Ads (Pay Per Click) Campaigns

The power of text ads is the ability to target your costumers at the right time and the right moment when they are searching on the internet for your products or services. This platform allows you to pay only for clicks on keywords you get to choose. A Text ad includes a headline, a link to your website and two description lines. All of the above has to be optimized to maximize your Google quality score and enhance your click through rate.


Social Media Marketing 

Facebook, Instagram. Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest

We are prepared to set up and manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube accounts, pages and channels. We ensure all written content associated with social media posts have been optimized. We will provide ongoing availability to discuss developing social profile. We will advise frequency and time of the days for posts and blog articles.

Well managed social media profile will generate third party endorsements (Facebook and Instagram likes, Twitter followers, etc), testimonials and help increase brand awareness, trust, create multiple external links to your site, increase traffic, conversions, leads and ultimately sales.