Meet the GenZers

This is the year to learn more about GenZers. It is evident that these talented young individuals are way different.Accordingly, their priorities and habits are changed from us Millennials, GenXers or Boomers.
There are 2.52 billion GenZers across the globe. More than half of them are savers, not spenders. They read nutritional labels, want a job that has a social impact, and entrepreneurship is their dream they want to achieve one day. They are creative bunch and they watch less TV than Millennials.

Generation Z – The Next Consumer Target

Interestingly, their attention span is only 8 seconds. Basically, they do not stay still! Therefore marketers have to change their approach on how to target them. Two-way dialogue to engage them is a must, GenZers are constantly exposed to 4 different screens: smartphone, TV, laptop and tablet. Marketers have to deliver their stories across all of the major platforms by using Multi-Channel marketing.
We are also seeing some changes in preferred social media platform usage, currently, Facebook is losing a portion of it’s under 18 users. YouTube, Instagram and SnapChat are more favourable for GenZers.

As Mark McCrindle the social researcher says, Gen Z is “the most connected, educated and sophisticated generation in history. They don’t just represent the future, they are creating it.”