What is Google Adwords and how does it relate to my website?

The power of text ads is the ability to target your customers at the right time and the right moment when they are searching on the internet for your products or services. This platform allows you to pay only for clicks on keywords you get to choose. A Text ad includes a headline, a link to your website and two description lines.
All of the above has to be optimized to maximize your Google quality score, enhance your click through rate and increase the number of conversions or goal completions. Essentially, the more specific you are within your ad, the more likely your prospect will be to convert.

We are a well established and rank well in Search Engine results, do we need Adwords?

Adwords and text ads are important, but it you need to be careful about how you place your ads. There is a fine line between having a high-quality score for relevance and paying for your traffic that would otherwise go to your site organically.
As a general rule, if you are ranking number one for a specific set of keywords and have a well developed Google business listing, chances are you can likely avoid spending money on Adwords in your home market. Of course, that can change depending on your campaign goals. Adwords should be used as a tool to help expand your audience, not pull from the audience you already have.

Our Adwords campaign has been extremely successful, do we need to keep it going?

The short and long answers for this is yes. Adwords campaigns are often most effective when they are running constantly. In order to catch your potential client when they are ready to buy, or learn about what you have to offer, they have to be able to find you on their time.
Although we can’t predict when that is, we can take steps to make sure your ads are running when they do. Remember, you are only paying for the people who click on the ad. So leet’s work together and make sure your audience finds you.