Media Planning is a critical element of any marketing campaign.

Living in the prairies, we often come across situations where media planning and buying is being done by account managers or marketing directors. Maybe it’s because the marketing dollars are stretched. Maybe it’s becasue expectations are higher than what the client is willing to spend. But as marketing dollars pivot away from traditional media like print, television and outdoor and shift into digital, media planning is more important than ever. Here at Dalilu, we have over 20 years of accumulated knowledge and cross-platform experience. We stay ahead of the trends, this allows us to deliver quality Media Plans for local, national and international clients.

Why do you need a media planner to help with your marketing plan and execution?

Here is a list of why you need to hire an experienced media planner:

  • First of all, you need a media planner for the media research they will provide you with;
  • A Media Planner is a confident negotiator with the ability to recognize opportunities and take advantage of them;
  • You need a professional who can determine media channel selection, partner selections and give you rationales;
  • Media Planners investigate all available media, special opportunities and positions. They meet with media representatives, review media kits and tell you what works best in your market;
  • They create and maintain media plan flowcharts based on the campaign objectives and keep you organized within your budget;
  • Ultimately, you hire your Media Planner because you need them to monitor historical rate structures and current or future market conditions to ensure rate integrity is maintained;
  • Remember, an experienced Media Planner knows the price they are willing to pay for media.

Why choose Dalilu for your next media plan?

Here at Dalilu, we produce media plans that are perfectly tailored to your marketing objectives. They reach your key audience in the most cost-effective way. Your media budget will be spent wisely and efficiently. With our national and international experience, we understand media placement strategy. Accordingly, we have expertise in traditional media like print, TV, radio and outdoor as well as Digital Media. This includes Programmatic Advertising, Google Adwords, Mobile and Social Media Advertising.