8 Programmatic Advertising Tactics that every Winnipeg Marketer Should Use in 2017

Have you been recently talking to your digital media specialist or a programmatic media buyer and got lost in terms that they have been using? Our company has partnered with Centro a leading company among the programmatic advertising technology providers. We use their DSP (demand side platform) to run all of our client’s campaigns.  For this post, we are putting together a list of 8 targeting tactics you should be using for…

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Czech Easter Traditions - Easter Egg Decorating

Spanking, one of the many Czech Easter Traditions

Happy Easter, everyone! For many years, I have wanted to write a post about the Czech Easter traditions which are somewhat interesting and strange to Canadians. People are definitely surprised when I tell them that on Easter Monday, Czech men hit their women with willow sticks. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s start from the begging. Czechs have two days of Easter Celebration It is the Holy Sunday,…

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The Talented Swiss from the Prairies

The Talented Swiss from the Prairies – Anja Studer Anja and I met a long time ago while working for a local advertising agency. In spite of the fact that Anja has always been very task oriented, perfection is her main thing, much like the Swiss watch. She has also always been into art. Whether she is focusing on photography, sketching, painting, making jewelry, or sewing she has done it all…

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Media Planning

Why is Media Planning important in Marketing Communications?

The two basic tasks of marketing communications are message creation and message delivery.  In other words, Media Planning is a message delivery. Let’s explore it today, shall we? Last year I attended an event organized by a local leading newspaper company. I had a great time talking to all of my representatives that I have developed a great relationship with over the years. However, there was one conversation with a…

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Winter is Coming | 2016 Heritage Classic – Jets vs Oilers

Winter is Coming | 2016 Heritage Classic The air is a bit crisper in the morning, the leaves have started to fall and there is a hint of frost on your car’s windshield in the morning… Surely this can mean only one thing… Winter is coming my friends, winter is coming and with it, so are the boys of winter. You might know them as the Winnipeg Jets! Ladies and…

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An Adventure in X-theme Customizations

An Adventure in X-theme Customizations Are you new to using WordPress? Maybe this is your first project using X-theme by Themeco. Or maybe you have used X-theme before, but need to make new customizations. If this is you then please stick with us and we will walk you through all of the customizations we made to our most recent project. Our most recent project bohemiannordic.ch had several customizations. We had…

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Google AdWords Grants

Google Adwords Grants for Nonprofits offers $10,000/month to spent on Google search text ads. Google Adwords Grants for Nonprofits is a great program for charities to help increase awareness, grow email lists, increase fundraising, improve event attendance and sales. Some of the most common misconceptions around this service are the amount and type of donation. First of all, Google donates $10,000 per month in adwords credit to qualifying charities and non-profits. Rather the donation…

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Book Review – The Virgin Way

The Virgin Way |“If it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing.” Book Review – The Virgin Way, a book on leadership with great sense of humour, written by Richard Branson. Picking up this book from the business section shelves in the bookstore was easy this time. My goal was to get a book that will inspire, entertain and teach me skills that I have not mastered yet (which I know…

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Generation Z - The Next Consumer Target

Generation Z – The Next Consumer Target for Marketers

Meet the GenZers This is the year to learn more about GenZers. It is evident that these talented young individuals are way different. Their priorities and habits are changed from us Millennials, GenXers or Boomers. There are 2.52 billion GenZers across the globe. More than half of them are savers, not spenders. They read nutritional labels, want a job that has social impact, and entrepreneurship is their dream they want to…

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