Programmatic Advertising should be an important element your next digital campaign.

Depending on your business needs, our partnership with Centro allows our team to execute custom-tailored digital campaigns optimized to your audience. Whether you are needing to increase brand awareness or drive conversions, we have the extensive local, national and international experience needed to ensure your next digital campaign’s success. Ultimately, our access to ComScore, DoubleVerify, GrapeShot or Peer39 data, and a large inventory websites allows us to target any demographic you can dream up.

Depending on your goals, structure your campaign using these and other techniques.

  • Audience Campaign

    A specifically targeted campaign that focuses on finding the right audience rather than the right website. Essentially, it focuses on branding and awareness. Remember, the more specific your target audience, the higher your cost. In our case, we use Centro DSP (demand side platform) to deliver tactics for all of our clients.


  • Contextual Campaign

    This is an efficiency driven campaign, KPIs. eCPC, eCPM, conversion tracking and CTR are your primary areas of focus. In many cases, the best practice is to execute it using small goals and other niche targeting tactics. As an example, you could use a list of keywords and apply it to each ad group so that your ad appears on subject relevant pages.


  • Website Campaign

    Basically, this is using a white-list of specific websites that have performed well in the past to reach your audience. When you have data that shows certain websites work for your brand, don’t reinvent the wheel. Get out your hard hat and lunch pail and USE IT!


  • Hyper Local Mobile Campaign

    Using GPS location data, you can target inventory being served to smartphones and tablets within a radius you choose. Small business owners often use this tactic to help boost their walk-in traffic. For example, a restaurant owner in Winnipeg’s booming Corydon Village may want to let people know about their weekly specials. With a hyper-local campaign, you can run an ad that is targeted at people living within half a mile radius.


  • Retargeting Campaign

    This tactic is used for the lower part of the campaign funnel. Effectively, this tactic is used when you need to re-engage your users. In order to execute a retargeting campaign, you must first place a pixel onto the client’s website. This tactic is highly recommended for campaigns focussed on KPIs, CPCs, CTR and converting people.

Did we mention that when you run a campaign, you can layer multiple tactics together?

In many cases, you can use three to four tactics together. From there, optimize them, learn from the data and see what delivers. At the end of the day, once you know what delivers the best results, stick with it.