Asper School MBA


The Asper School MBA is a post graduate program administered by the Asper School of Business. Accordingly, the Asper School is among the most well respected and prestigious business management programs in the country. Well known throughout the world, Asper School Graduates have a reputation of being strong business leaders, innovators, and drivers of change across many industries.


While the undergraduate program boasts high prestige and strong alumni, the MBA program is competing to retain its graduates against other strong MBA programs in Toronto, BC, Calgary and throughout the world.


Over the years, media consumption has changed. In order to retain undergraduates and recruit new ones, it is important for the MBA program to be highly visible across both traditional and digital media channels. With that said, the degree of change is a moving target and varies across both industries and demos. Therefore, it is important for us to continue to proceed with caution and avoid outpacing the market.

Next Steps with the Asper School MBA campaign

Over time, we will monitor the progress of the campaign. From there, we will weigh the results against results from past campaigns. After some internal discussions, we will consult with the client so that decisions will be made for next year’s plan.