Bohemian Nordic Interior

Bohemian Nordic Interior


Bohemian Nordic Interior was our first international client. Based in Switzerland, Jana is a talented Interior Designer and NCS Colour Specialist. As a family friend, our role was to help Jana showcase her work across multiple platforms and device types.


Working with Jana, Dalilu created a multilingual website that allowed potential clients to engage with her directly, view her portfolio of work, and learn about her services in both English and German.

What’s next for our work with Bohemian Nordic Interior

Always up for an adventure, Jana wants to visit us here in North America. While she is here, she would like to host some workshops as well as help us redesign our home and offices! Our role with Jana is to support her in whatever she wants to do. As such, we have continued to provide her with marketing insights and helped with additional web development as required. As always, we are here and ready to do whatever she needs next!