LA Travel Group

LA Travel Group


LA Travel Group is an established local travel agency that has been in business for over 15 years. Specializing in group travel, LA Travel Group focusses on Health and Wellness excursions, Student trips, Destination Weddings and so much more.


Initially, LA Travel wanted to better understand how their digital marketing dollars were being spent as well as promote an upcoming culinary travel tour. Interestingly, this initial consult has now expanded to include some truly fascinating projects.


Dalilu reviewed LA Travel’s analytics and optimized their promotional site to better handle incoming traffic, through reducing image sizes, minifying their JS and CSS files as well as verifying and fixing how the site rendered on all common screen sizes.

Next steps for our work with the LA Travel Group

There are several exciting projects coming down the pipeline for the LA Travel Group. Along with ongoing Analytics and Reporting work, Dalilu Communications has agreed to partner on the development of a new online discount travel booking engine. Although the market is competitive, we believe there is room in the market for more one more player. Existing competitors are old and tired. They are not offering anything new that meets today’s customer’s needs. Customers expect more and we will make sure to oblige!