Squirrel Construction

Squirrel Construction


Squirrel Construction was founded in 2007 and has been building premium decks and fences for clients locally for many years. Focussing on using quality materials and methodical building techniques, the company is a local gem.


The construction business is competitive. Interestingly, although Squirrel Construction has a tremendous reputation generated through word of mouth. It ultimately lacked a way for clients to communicate with them in a consistent way.


Remember, appearances can be deceiving. A simple project on the surface, this site was in the pipeline for over a year. Truthfully, branding is always an important element in any project and design is not one of our “core competencies”. Generally speaking, Dalilu does not do a lot of design work. Instead, we work with our Agency Partners or rely on the client to provide the creative. With that said, some clients simply do not have the capacity or time to deal with several marketing contractors.
Accordingly, we were able to work with Derek and eventually settle on a design. From there, Dalilu built out the site which now functions as the primary showcase of Squirrel Construction’s work. On top of this, the site functions as a brand statement and provides Derek’s clients a way to connect with him directly.

What’s next for Squirrel Construction?

As Squirrel Construction continues to grow, Derek is constantly looking for new ways to engage with his clients. A creative person,  Derek is always pushing the envelope in terms of how his brand presents itself. Ultimately, during the next stage of development, our focus will be on streamlining the gallery. Derek wants his clients to visualize what they want and a defined catalog with a list of options will help.