Web Development

Web Development

Website Development

At Dalilu our job is to help you build a new website or adapt an old one so it is fresh, looks modern and is easy to navigate regardless of what device the customer is using. Our team will optimize your content, synchronize your Social Media and integrate everything into one simple easy to use web platform that provides your customers with a great experience. Ongoing Web Development is important so that prospective clients and new customers can search your site and develop enough interest to find what they are looking for. Your competitors are never more than a click away. It is crucial that all of your company’s information is presented on the web in a relevent and engaging way that jumps of the page.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is critical to maximize the value of your website’s content. A good search engine rank for relevant keywords and phrases will go a long way to increase organic search traffic to your site. Performing an SEO audit is a crucial first step in developing a plan to deliver your site’s content to the public.

An SEO audit for a WordPress based site will include:

• The set up and configuration of both Google and Bing webmaster & analytics tools;
• Integration of those tools with the WordPress backend;
• The confirmation of web directory submission;
• The confirmation of an existing an XML site map, robots.txt, etc;
• Installation, activation and configuration of an onsite tool that will ensure that each page on your site and every blog entry complies with today’s best practices as much as possible;
• A comprehensive assessment of all existing site content insuring that each page, article & blog entry uses optimal URL lengths, accurate meta description data, keywords & phrases and is consistent with SEO best practices as defined by google;
• We will produce a comprehensive cross platform integrated web strategy to maximize the success going forward.