The slowly shaping path of content access and our digital devices

Have you ever wondered if there is a difference in what content you are accessing from which device? As a marketer, this is a fascinating question. And it turns out, we were not the only one’s asking. Recently, a study was done in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, it covered the connection between device type usage and content and may start to answer this question.

Does the device we are using influence what we read?

According to Verto Analytics, a company specializing in analytics and data research, there are some clear indications of how and what we read on our devices. Verto tracked devices of approximately 5,000 people in March of this year.
What they came up is very interesting. Apparently smart phones are frequently used for sports, health and fitness, automotive and travel. Addtionally, they are also used for people/family/lifestyle, which would includes recipes, food or parenting. By comparison, we use desktops for browsing on technology sites, government and law, news and weather or photo and video. Lastly, the tablet devices are mainly used for property, entertainment, careers, education, sports and lastly shopping.

Things are not always as they seem

As you can see, it is not always black and white in digital. Not all brands need to advertise on cross platform devices. However, some activities such as entertainment remains as multi-device content. People are accessing information from their tablets 32%, smartphones usage is up to 39% and desktops contributed 29% in this mix.
According to a recent eMarketer article, Verto’s data is very similar to the ComScore data that was released in December 2016. Which is enough to say there is a pattern. As advertisers, it is important to learn from findings like these, when planning our next digital campaign.
Content Consumption in UK by Device