Evolution Hockey

Evolution Hockey


Evolution Hockey is the story of a company that was born out of passion. Interestingly, the company’s founder Riley Dudar has been working with players of all levels for many years. Using a methodological approach to honing his craft, the company began to grow and acquire more and more training contracts. Over time, Evolution’s growth progressed to the point where the company was working with several top local organizations without a public presence.


Ultimately, Evolution Hockey needed to organize how it interacted with the public. Considering the pace of the company’s growth, simply answering phone calls and replying to emails was not going to cut it.


Dalilu worked with Evolution create a website to function as a brand statement, information resource, and online point of contact. In addition, it was important to organize the information in a way that made sense for both current students and potential clients.

What is next for Evolution Hockey

Evolution Hockey will continue to grow its reputation as a program that develops elite athletes. Additionally, Riley is looking to expand his offerings beyond hockey. Evolution Living will provide information and resources to individuals seeking to learn about healthy living.