Your Media Partner| Media Planning and Buying

Your Media Partner| Media Planning and Buying

What is Media Planning and Buying?

Due to the complexity of the field, nearly all businesses must rely on experts when it comes to media planning. Accordingly, this ensures that quality products are deployed in the appropriate markets. There no wasted investment in time, money and effort.
Media planners identify which media platforms work best to advertise a client’s brand or product. As such, we enable our clients to maximise the impact of their advertising budgets. This is done by running campaigns across a broad range of media.
As a result, media planning combines creative thinking with analysis to develop appropriate strategies. This ensures that campaigns reach their target audiences as effectively as possible. In the end, it is our deep knowledge of media and communication platforms that allows us to identify the most appropriate mediums for building awareness of your brand.

Areas of focus

As your media partner, Dalilu Communications will provide insight across the entire media spectrum, including:
• press
• television
• radio
• cinema
• outdoor
• online media
• social media advertising
• mobile communications

We will work closely with your team or creative agency to understand your business objectives and marketing strategy to develop the media campaign. We will recommend the most appropriate types of media to use, as well as the most effective time spans and locations.

It’s about more than just planning

During the media buying stage, we will negotiate the best possible rates with media owners such as television and radio stations, magazine and newspaper media, website owners and outdoor for space or airtime. We will adjust media schedules in response to the latest audience figures, manage budgets. Additionally,  we will also monitor and update the client on the effectiveness of their campaign.
Lastly, as a Media Partner, Dalilu Communications gives you a full time media department without investment in staff and infrastructure. Our company has the experience and the knowledge base to give you the peace of mind. This allows you to focus on what you do best… Running your business.